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Performars and Personalization in Marketing

Recap of Previous Blog

As discussed in the previous blog on Personalization, it is a type of marketing where the needs and preferences of individual consumers are taken into consideration and tailored so that the right product or services are marketed to them at the right time. It was also made mentioned that digital marketing companies take advantage of the wealth of data they have access to from the internet, and use them to personalize ads for their target audience. So the question now is how do we get these done at Performars?

Our business at Performars

At Performars, a variety of strategies, tools and technologies are used to provide a successful digital marketing service. Among which is personalization marketing. You may have heard about HubSpot, GA, MixPanel, Marketing Chatbot, Customer survey tools etc. HubSpot  is an all-in-one inbound sales and marketing solution that consists of tools for marketing, sales and service which helps businesses communicate with leads and customers. The above-mentioned tools are just some of the many ground breaking and advanced technologies we use, together with our secret sauce and superpowers to provide better services to our cherished clients.


Personalized marketing


Our Tools & Processes

To explain further, we utilize HubSpot because it is a reliable sales and marketing solution that consist of several tools that can help manage your business and drive sales. The solution comprises of tools for finding, converting, managing and nurturing leads. There are also other tools for delighting your customers, analyzing and calculating ROI, and tools for managing a growing team. You may find details to this by clicking the link:


Personalized marketing


MixPanel on the other hand is a user behavior analysis platform that is used to track user behavior in real-time on any platform and provide credible and trustworthy data in the shortest possible time.

Personalized marketing


Hearing from Our Client's Customers

As Philip Kotler once said and I quote, "The best ad is a SATISFIED CUSTOMER". We at Performars cannot emphasize this enough. Therefore, another most important process we carry out to ensure better services for our clients is to conduct customer surveys. Have you by any chance heard of NPS ( Net Promoter Score )?. This one of the vital tools that we utilize to access, explore, gather data and useful insights from customers that use our client's services. Hearing directly from these customers is very important to us. Be it a positive or negative feedback helps us to provide better and realistic services to them by providing our clients these useful data, insights, and forecasts to prepare them to satisfy their customers which in turn is a win-win for everybody. I hope you get the flow? Long story short, Customer Satisfaction is one of our primary goals in this business!


Personalized marketing


Our Point of View

For Performars, basically, HubSpot, GA, Customer surveys and MixPanel helps us to understand your customers, we then use HubSpot again together with MixPanel, Marketing Chatbots to create engagement with your target audience through processes such as persona development for personalization marketing and finally user behavior technology for execution.

Personalized marketing


Check out the summary video below:

HubSpot Video


Persona Development



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