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Performars and ForwardKeys Partner to Provide SEA Optimal Travel Insight Strategy

Today, Global digital marketing solutions company Performars has partnered with travel intelligence specialist ForwardKeys to enhance its Travel Industry Solution, with the aim of helping companies effectively predict key trends that impact travel behavior.


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The solution has been advanced by Performars in collaboration with ForwardKeys, which analyses more than 17 million flight booking transactions a day, drawing data from all the major global air reservation systems and selected airlines and tour operators. “As co-members of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), we are excited to expand and render our expertise to SEA.” said Olivier Jager, CEO and General Manager of ForwardKeys. “Data in itself is valuable, but we believe in the importance of the human touch to give data a voice, and Performars is an essential part in bringing this data to life.”

Demand for air reservation data and analysis is growing as more businesses see the need to monitor every stage of the traveler’s journey. Travel Industry Solution delivers real-time Smart Data that highly benefits companies by providing a way to understand how, where and when to target consumers. With this solution, companies interested in expanding to SEA can predict trends, seize opportunities and maximize their profits.


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“By partnering with ForwardKeys, Performars is helping refine SEA travel insights” said Richard Jo, CEO and General Manager of Performars. “This partnership allows us to deliver optimal travel insight strategy that is customized to each client. Providing the most accurate data-driven and holistic picture and refining this data through the hands of our global marketing experts and digital transformation consultants for optimum business results.”


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Working with Performars is like having global marketing team.

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