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Performars 23년 11월 03일 5

HubSpot Acquires Clearbit: Revolutionizing Sales Prospecting

Hey there, fellow marketing enthusiasts! Today, we have some exciting news to share that ...
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Julio César García 21년 7월 19일 13

Ecosystem-Augmented Organizations

In nature, ecosystems and life are inseparable. Ecosystems create the space where life ...
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Julio César García 21년 2월 16일 19

11 Booming Digital Revenue Models

Booming Digital Revenue Models (illustration by Julio blog) A winning "Business Model" is ...
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Saeed Shodavlat 21년 1월 28일 8

How to build multichannel chatbots for your business?

Digital transformation and marketing chatbots Digital transformation is becoming ...
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Performars 20년 11월 26일 6

Subdomain vs Subfolder, Which is Better?

3 minute summary: Subdomain vs Subfolder, which is better? How do they affect SEO? Many ...
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Anita Emefa 20년 4월 21일 7

Performars and Personalization in Marketing

Recap of Previous Blog As discussed in the previous blog on Personalization, it is a type ...
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Julio César García 20년 4월 14일 10

Rethinking The Future

A short read that may help you to create a future full of innovation. We are living in an ...
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Saeed Shodavlat 20년 3월 30일 8

Excel in Customer Intimacy by leveraging Chatbots

Recently I was working on the use case of chatbots for a startup company. They were ...
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Performars 20년 3월 18일 5

Performars partners with Mixpanel, a global leader in product analytics

Global digital marketing company Performars has partnered with Mixpanel, a global leader ...
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Anita Emefa 20년 3월 09일 10

What Companies Need to Know About Personalization in Marketing

The fear of most companies starting, brands, service providers and those already in ...
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